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Sole Physical Custody

When one parent is given sole physical custody, the child remains with him/her and the other parent is excluded from having physical custody of the child (typically when the other parent has abused or neglected the child)

Question: If one parent has sole physical custody and joint legal custody, how likely would it be to move out of state? I have sole physical custody and joint legal custody of my child. I live in Michigan and was wondering if anyone has any information regarding this matter, or can direct me to a useful website. I'm just wondering what the likelyhood of the court allowing me to move to a different state would be. It's unfortunate that people judge others without even knowing their situation. Isn't that what this website is ask question you don't know the answers to? Not to be critized or judged.

Answer: You could move if you wanted to but please think of your child first... What is most healthy for the child. I'm a divorced father who loves to be with his kids and the ex makes it difficult. You do not go into details about the relationships of child-father, you-ex, so none of us know if you are being vindictive, running for your life, or somewhere in-between. Good luck!


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