child support

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Voluntary and knowing release of personal rights or obligations such as the rights to contest parentage actions, the rights to paternity testing, and the right to have representation by counsel. .

Question: Waiver....? I'm in a league in the FOX Sports Fantasy Football league on MSN and this is my first time. Under owner information my waiver priority is 10. What does that mean? I noticed the highest one is 12, is 10 good or bad?

Answer: The waiver priority that you have, 10, means that your the 10th team that has an opportunity to pick up a player on waiver (meaning that 1 to 9th has first dib on a placed waiver). If 1 to 9 didn't place a claim, then you have the player. Otherwise, it goes to that team which has higher priority first who made the claim. The only way you can climb up the waiver priority is that the other team acquiring players through waiver. Once that team acquire a player through waiver, they automatically drop down to 12, which means each team goes one up in priority and so on. Claiming Free Agents doesn't change the waiver priority.


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