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Divorce Agreement

See Agreement; Separation Agreement; Property Settlement Agreement; Marital Agreement

Question: Divorce agreement says I can claim children on taxes, but my ex just did? My electronic filing was rejected because my ex had claimed the children already. The divorce agreement says I should claim the children on the taxes and I'm paying support, and I'm current. Do I have to take her to court for contempt?

Answer: Did your divorce lawyer put language in the divorce decree that orders your wife to sign and return IRS Form 8332 for you to file with your taxes? Did you ask her to sign it? Give her a choice. 1. File an amended return. 2. Figure out how much you lost from not getting the exemption, and she can pay you that amount. 3. You take her to court, ask the judge to find her in contempt, to order her to refile, fine her, and reimburse you for your attorney's fees.


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