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Ex Parte Hearing Motion Order

Ex parte means without notice to, or attendance of, the opposing party. In response to an ex parte motion, i.e., a motion without notice to the opposing spouse, the court conducts an ex parte hearing without the attendance of the spouse. Based on this hearing , an ex parte order is issued, and the opposing spouse receives notice of the fiat accompli. Often attachments are issued ex parte to avoid giving notice to the defendant, since, a person who knows his property is about to be attached might quickly sell or mortgage it and secrete the money.

Question: motion for a hearing on a signed ex parte order? I recieved an ex parte order from my exhusband..I couldn't aford a lawyer or was unable to get legal aid. I answered back to it.the judge signed hisapplication for the ex parte order now I have 10 days to file with the courts a written motion for a hearing how do I go about doing this?? I called the clerk of courts she would not help or tell me anything except to get a lawyer. can I just write a simple letter to request this hearing or do i have to go into detail as to why I want a hearing.. can anyone please help me??? I only have till monday to file this ...Thank You!! this ex parte order is in north dakota, the judge signed it now it says i have 10 days to file a says upon written motion,may have a hearing upon the necessity for the issuance of the order.. how do i file a motion for this?

Answer: The information in your letter is not clear, What ex parte order did you receive? What does that order require you to do? What exactly is the case between you and your ex-husband?


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