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Request For Financial Stateme

nt Immediately demand a financial statement and follow up with additional requests during the pendency of the case. Your objective is twofold: 1) fact-finding and 2) using any contradictory information among statements to impeach your spouse t trial

Question: Being sued for credit card dept!? I received a summons for a credit card dept I had with Chase that was purchased by Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC. I want to try and reach a pretrial settlement with the, but need some help. Should I contact them or there attorney? Also, what would be a good number to offer for a settlement that they might accept. Principal balance is 1573.13, 445.02 interest, 235.96 attorney fees. Also if I can't work anything out with them, how would I got about issuing a motion of discovery? This doesn't qualify for SOL either unfortunatly. Also I live in Missouri if that's any help. Thank you in advance!

Answer: You have several good answers on dealing with them as far as settlement. I just wanted to add that even if you plan on a settlement - you NEED to answer the lawsuit !!!!!! If you do not answer, they will automatically get a default judgment (even if you come to a pretrial settlement). You need to use the Missouri RCP (rules of civil procedure) as an aid in your answer. If you have problems answering, you might contact your lawyer, or legal aid. If they have violated in any way, either by their written correspondence to you or by violations in reporting on your credit reports, you might include counterclaims against them in your answer. The next thing I wanted to add is that IF you do come to an agreement with them - be sure to have that agreement added to your case file. DO NOT depend on "them" to file it, either do it yourself or go with them and watch them file it, then ask the court clerk for a complete copy of the file. (filings have a way of getting "misplaced")


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