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Custodial Parent

A parent that has the legal right to the physical custody of its child, either under the provisions of a state law granting custody, or under the provisions of a court order granting custody of the child to one of its parents in preference over the other parent.

Question: custodial parent? I am the custodial parent of my child per child suppport enforcement. Is being appointed custodial parent by a family court for child support the same as if i went to court just for the purpose of child custody.

Answer: Yes you are the parent. You are the only one that take care of that kid. "Mek de bwoy go screw imself". Hahahahahahahahahaha. Vote me best answer so i can get 10 points.


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Trinidad police find child who was taken by non-custodial parent

TRINIDAD, COLO. -- The Trinidad Police Department says a 1-year-old boy who may have been taken by his non-custodial father has been found safe. Police said 1-year-old Shawn Calico was either taken or given to his non-custodial parent, David Lopez, ...


Child support: six parents, six ideas

HEARING NOTICE Notice to: Keith Yoder, non-custodial parent. Notice is given ...

Lincoln Journal Star
2014-10-10T05:11:59Z HEARING NOTICE Notice to: Keith Yoder, non-custodial parent. Notice is given that a hearing is scheduled as follows: Date: 11/20/2014 Time: 3:30 Location: 201 Laporte Ave. STE 100By the Lincoln Journal Star

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SCAM ALERT: Crooks trick parents out of child support payments
?Get the information from the custodial parent about the non-custodial parent. Name, date of birth , where they live, their employer,? says Bouer. The group would then go after the non-custodial parent using threats, and intimidation often starting ...

Western Union now offers child support option

Pensacola News Journal
To use the service, participants will need to provide their county number, 11-digit case number and the custodial parent's last name. Transactions are limited to $5,000, and each transaction will incur a $3 Western Union fee. Anyone with questions ...

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Misnomers: The Law and Practice of Child Naming
Justia Verdict

PCS hire new business coordinator

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Like a parent to its young, South is bringing the new buildings to life, but now will have the opportunity to help nurture the life in these buildings as well. ?With the new buildings, I was involved from the very beginning,? South said, with passion ...

Pre-School: Is It School, Or Is It Day Care? And Which Parent Gets To Decide?

Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The parties in that matter had recently divorced-the parties shared legal custody and the mother was the primary custodial parent. Both parents were both working. At the time the parties divorced, the child attended "Pre-School A." The parties ...

Children tour adult-learners' classroom in New Bedford
Bernice Jensen, the adult education director, said the educational background of a custodial parent is the most influential factor when it comes to the educational success of their children. ?We are providing an opportunity for our parents to work with ...