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Custodial Parent

A parent that has the legal right to the physical custody of its child, either under the provisions of a state law granting custody, or under the provisions of a court order granting custody of the child to one of its parents in preference over the other parent.

Question: custodial parent? I am the custodial parent of my child per child suppport enforcement. Is being appointed custodial parent by a family court for child support the same as if i went to court just for the purpose of child custody.

Answer: Yes you are the parent. You are the only one that take care of that kid. "Mek de bwoy go screw imself". Hahahahahahahahahaha. Vote me best answer so i can get 10 points.


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"The guidelines in Canada focus solely on the income of the non-custodial parent and explicitly ignore circumstances that intact families get to consider, such as government child benefits, age of the child, decisions on extraordinary expenses, and ...

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August is Arizona's Child Support Awareness Month. Linda Scott, the supervisor of the Division of Child Support Services, said the goal of her department is to work with custodial and non-custodial parents to help provide for the needs of the children ...

Non-custodial dad sought for taking 4-year-old son

Allegheny County police were searching for 43-year-old Radford Pope because he's the boy's noncustodial parent. Police haven't been able to locate Pope since he failed to return 4-year-old Raymont Pope to his mother on Sept. 10. Police have said Pope ...

Allegheny police seek non-custodial dad, missing 4-year-old son

Allegheny County police were searching for Radford Pope, 43, because he's the boy's noncustodial parent. Police haven't been able to locate Pope since he failed to return Raymont Pope to his mother on Sept. 10. Police have said Pope has a criminal ...

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?Our number one concern, of course, would be a child abduction. It could also be a non-custodial parent trying to interfere with a custody order. There's a myriad of possibilities that it might be,? O'Mara said. Whatever the reason, the chief said it's ...

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This is the custodial parent. This is independent of any legal wording in your divorce papers or your income tax filing. If the custodial parent happens to have the lower income, then you many get more financial aid. If the custodial parent has ...

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Defendant had a positive relationship with their other, older daughter to the point that he was favored over Ariel as the custodial parent during an early period of the daughter's life." "Both parents' (Ariel and Sean) computers had evidence of efforts ...

Consumer Alert: Child support scam hurts children

The promise to collect child support payments from a non-custodial parent. But the con-artists who set up the business had only one thing in mind and it wasn't helping children. "The child is ultimately the one who gets hurt from this," says Sheryl ...