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Custodial Parent

A parent that has the legal right to the physical custody of its child, either under the provisions of a state law granting custody, or under the provisions of a court order granting custody of the child to one of its parents in preference over the other parent.

Question: custodial parent? I am the custodial parent of my child per child suppport enforcement. Is being appointed custodial parent by a family court for child support the same as if i went to court just for the purpose of child custody.

Answer: Yes you are the parent. You are the only one that take care of that kid. "Mek de bwoy go screw imself". Hahahahahahahahahaha. Vote me best answer so i can get 10 points.


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As it stands now he still has custodial interference to deal with (among others) AND the original issue that cost him custody. ... I NOW think that parent's should be required to take some sort of test on parenting before taking the baby home from ...

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7, police were called to White Oak after a report of a non-custodial parent stating he was heading to the school. Curtis J. Haugabook, 51, of Morris, was arrested by the Grundy County Sheriff's Department for an order of protection violation, as well ...

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?From a school standpoint, they have the liability to ensure that each student was released to a proper custodial parent or legal guardian,? said Jeff Jelinek, Sauk County's Emergency Management director. ?We want to have a system in place that can be ...