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Custodial Parent

A parent that has the legal right to the physical custody of its child, either under the provisions of a state law granting custody, or under the provisions of a court order granting custody of the child to one of its parents in preference over the other parent.

Question: custodial parent? I am the custodial parent of my child per child suppport enforcement. Is being appointed custodial parent by a family court for child support the same as if i went to court just for the purpose of child custody.

Answer: Yes you are the parent. You are the only one that take care of that kid. "Mek de bwoy go screw imself". Hahahahahahahahahaha. Vote me best answer so i can get 10 points.


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Ruling balances kids' safety and family rights
We applaud District Judge Ian Thornhill for finding it unconstitutional for DHS to use such voluntary agreements when they interfere with custodial rights of a parent or when they are initiated by a non-custodial parent or one without any established ...

Kansas gets grants to match child support funds for college savings

KHI News Service
"The non-custodial parent who owes child support will have arrears reduced, the parent who has custody of the child will have the money he/she is owed and the child will know that money is there available when it's time to start college or a technical ...

Tips for enjoying a fun-filled summer

If you are the custodial parent an online calendars such as Google Calendar can be a great asset to keep things running smoothly. Many are free and can be set up to use by both you and your spouse. Just give him the username and password so he can ...

Commentary: Back to school tips for divorced parents

Seaside Courier
Custodial parents usual pay for back-to-school wardrobes and school supplies, unless both parents agree to share those expenses. Try to buy everything at one store if possible to minimize confusion. Keep copies of the receipts so you have a record of ...

Newnan Times-Herald

Coweta schools welcome 101 new teachers
Newnan Times-Herald

Small victories add up to big accomplishments for Child Support advocates

For instance, the Jefferson County Attorney's Office and Child Support Division recently collected a $113,653.81 payment for one single mother. Officials were able to get the payment after the non-custodial parent received a big settlement of his own.

Rules for using, tips for staying safe on school transportation

Palm Beach Post
Some children are taken by a non-custodial parent. Still others disappear with few clues as to the reason. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) points out that, in many cases, an abductor is not a stranger to the child. So ...

Knoxville man double-billed for child support payments

The Department of Human Services told 6 On Your Side if a non-custodial parent has more money being deducted from his payroll than the parent is ordered to pay, the parent should contact the local child support office. Once reviewed, the local office ...

Registrations: before kids can learn, parents must do their homework

If you are not the legal guardian/residential custodial parent of a student, or there is a court decision regarding the release of information related to custody/restraining orders, state law requires either Court Custody Documentation stating ...

Bill Varoula: Simple problems that can be solved with Velcro and Super Glue

Las Cruces Sun-News
Velcro and Super Glue. Inevitably, some of these children are involved in custody disputes. Excuse me. Bitter custody disputes. Come on now. You both know which of you should be the custodial parent. Why don't you just let the grandparents fight this out.