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Legal Guardian

A person who has the legal responsibility for providing the care and management of a person who is incapable, either due to age (very young or even very old, or to some other physical, mental or emotional impairment, of administering his or her own affairs. In the case of a minor child, the guardian is charged with the legal responsibility for the care and management of the child and of the minor child's estate. A legal guardian will be under the supervision of the court and will be required to appear in court to give periodic reports about the status of the child and its estate.

Question: Legal Guardian? My brother is 18 years old, is he considered as my legal guardian? The papers that I need to get signed needs a "legal guardian (or parent)" but my parents are on vacation PLEASE CITE SOURCES

Answer: He is NOT considered your legal guardian for any purpose whatsoever! Your parents should have executed a power of attorney prior to leaving on vacation!


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