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Wage Withholding

A procedure by which scheduled deductions are automatically made from wages or income to pay an obligation, such as child support. The provision dictates that an employer must withhold support from a noncustodial parent's wages and transfer that withholding to the appropriate agency (the Centralized Collection Unit or State Disbursement Unit). Also known as income withholding.

Question: How long does it take the wage withholding orders for child support to start? I am wondering how long it usually takes from the time the wage withholding order for child support was submitted to the courts then to the employer and finally to the recipient? By the way, I'm aware the employer has to do it the next paycheck, I'm wondering how long the entire process takes. How long does the request actually take to get to the employer? Then how long does the government take to get the payment to the recipient?

Answer: Allow 45 days from the date the wage garnishment has been sent.


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