child support

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The process of reducing funds that are paid by the Federal government to an obligor and applying the funds toward the balance of the delinquent debt. Also, the amount of money that is intercepted from an obligor’s State or Federal income tax refund, or from an administrative payment, such as Federal retirement benefits, in order to satisfy a child support debt..

Question: How do you offset the carbon produced from journeys other than those involving flying? I have found ways to offset the carbon put into the atmosphere from flights, and ways to calculate your annual carbon footprint, but I haven't found any way to calculate the carbon you offset when travelling by any means other than flying. Does anyone know how to calculate the carbon emissions from and then offset ferry, car and train journeys, for example, without just donating a random amount?

Answer: You can contact the administrators of whatever site you use to offset flight carbon and ask them what their mathematical equation is. You can also contact an environmental organization and ask what they would recommend. For small trips you could volunteer to clean up a park or plant a tree in your neighborhood to do labor as a carbon offset.


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